Expanding my creative skills and knowledge

So me and my friend Alice got to spend a bit of time earlier this year working Hannah Nunn’s studio.  This was a great chance to catch up with each other and check how our placement year was going. We also made the decision at the time to sign up for a 10 week ceramics course at Batley school of Art.

We have almost now come to the end of the course and i personally feel that we have both learned alot! I have particularly enjoyed the various different glazing techniques and getting to use Raku clay which when fired produces beautiful designs created by the smoke of the kiln.

This course has been a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and skills ready for going into my final year this september  (ARRGHH)

Anyways heres a few lovely photos for you to see what ive been up to 🙂

I will also upload and updated a new set of images when everything is glazed and fired!


Red earthenware clay plate with coloured clay slips on (Pre-firing)


Raku Vase with a clear glazed top and copper glaz bottom (pre final firing)


Raku thumb-pot with copper and clear glaze, plus green and white underglaze/slip


White earthen-ware slab pot, with gradiated underglaze (pre final firing)


Emma Xx 🙂


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