When i grow up…

So, just incase you hadnt noticed ITS CHRISTMAS TIME! & Placement with HN has been manic the last few weeks, its been really busy getting orders and things ready. Ive certainly enjoyed my time with the Radiance and Hannah Nunn team, ive learned alot!

Its now coming up to my last week with the team and i am on the hunt for a new opportunity if anyone out there fancies taking me on for a few days a week doing design/creative things in the West Yorkshire area? or even freelance online stuff?

On the plus side, i think i know what i want to do when i grow up, i am 90% sure that i will own my own business selling MY work which I have made with my own skills. I cant think of a better thing than that really, making a name for myself doing what i love! Life cant get much better than that really. SO all i need now is someone to give me a job to save up money, to buy my studio, to set up my buisness etc.  This may take a while thinking about it….

I may possibly also go into teaching, i have always been told that i should be one, probably because im rather BOSSY 😛 but i do enjoy working with people and passing on my skills.


Who knows what the future holds


See ya!


Emma Xx


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