Starting to enjoy my placements more…

So as i have previously mentioned, as well as my creative placement with Hannah Nunn, i am also working at the University of Leeds. So far i have started to gather research on the second hand market, which has been interesting at times and other times incredibly dry!

I chose to do the placement so that i did not forget the importance of my academic studies as well as my practical skills, however i must confess it is a lot harder to do when i do not have a creative output of my own. I do miss doing design projects at uni… I miss uni!

However i have now started to get into the swing of things and although i am almost certain that i am not necessarily destined for an academic vocation at this point in my life, i do appreciate the importance of it. At the end of the day i am still required to do academic writing to gain my degree and it is nearly half of my overall grade! So i might as well power through this part, university after all is only 4 years of my life, i have the rest of my days to draw and make til my hearts’ content!

So a lesson to all you creative types, the academic sides of your studies may be really dull, but it helps to focus as much of your attention on that as on your creative work.

Emma Xx 🙂


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