Finishing University..

So today marks of the start of the Huddersfield final year degree shows, starting tonight from 7 pm the public will be able to come and see what we have been working towards for the past 4 years. For us as students it marks the end of university for many and the start of real working life.

For me, I will be forever grateful for my time at Huddersfield University, it has taught me so much about who I am as a creative person and what I am capable of.

I have learnt how to apply academic skills to a creative problem, how to work within the limitations of a brief and many more things.

The future for me at the moment is somewhat uncertain, as with many students finishing off uni, my main priority is to get earning as soon as possible. (bills don’t pay themselves!!) I would like to follow my ambitions of completing a masters and perhaps a PHD but that may have to wait for now!!

To any other university students reading this, it does feel odd finishing something that has been such a big part of your life for so long, but change is good! It may be hard to adjust but don’t forget you have your whole future ahead of you, the next few months or even years may not be as you hope but never let go of your dreams and ambitions.

Well done to everyone who has just finished like me, and remember it has all been worth it. Be proud of your achievements!


EmmaXx 🙂


Final project 

So I’ve not done a post in a while as its nearing the end of my year, I am developing a range of textured wall tiles out of MDF and cork.. Here’s a peak at some of the designs.  


I’ve absolutely loved doing this project and can’t wait to see it all finished now! 

Emma Xx  

Project hand in

So I know it’s the new year now but before Christmas I handed in my first design project and also the dreaded dissertation!

Both projects were massively stressful however my hard work seems to have paid off! Here’s a few pictures of the hand in…



Now that we’re in the new year I have a whole new set of challenges. There’s a few small project hand ins and then the massive final major project, I’m both excited and apprehensive about what is to come..

And not forgetting whilst all this is going on I also need to find a job, I am determined to work in the design industry as I love it! Hopefully my university work will get me where I need to be!

Fingers crossed and happy new year to you all!!


EmmaXx ☺️

Final year 

So I have been in fourth and final year on my BA hons surface design for fashion and interiors course for about 3 months now. And so far it has been great but wow… So much work!

I expected to have to work hard but it has completely taken over my life. When Im not thinking about uni work I’m trying to work out what to do after I graduate! I am still playing with the idea of doing a MA or MRes so that I have more time and work to establish my route in life, unfortunately these things cost lots of money which is a big concern as it is.

I haven’t just been stressing out however, I have managed to create work that I am truly proud of for this stage in the year. I have been experimenting with uv printing and laser cutting, trying to translate my hand drawn images into suitable surface imagery for reclaimed wood. I would love to know what you think so please have a look and leave a comment!







Emma Xx 😊

Print and material experiementation

So, ive been back at uni for 3 weeks now and things are coming along nicely. I am just about managing my time well, which means very early mornings!!  Over the past few weeks i have been struggling with my design ideas and actually getting something down on paper (or wood).

My design idea is to use recycled materials and create beautiful wall coverings or decorations. I have managed to collect a small amount of materials which i have been testing with various print techniques. Here is a few examples…





As you can see i am no longer stuck, something has just clicked and now i have loads of material to work with!! Feeling alot more excited by this now and looking forward to creating more samples. I am going to start experiment with the laser cutter and doing some etching into the surface of the material.



Things that inspire

So, now i have completed my placement year its time to GO BACK TO UNI!!!

So yeah, im feeling the pressure a bit, not going to lie.  This is going to be my 4th and final year at uni, so i need to make everything count. We are starting off the year with a live project, working with Scarlet Opus (a trend forecasting company) to create new designs for flooring.  So, i  thought i could share some of my inspiration with you.. hope you like it 🙂


Swirl in the studio


Hole punch waste


Lines from a single point


Paper cut on wood


Kirigami on colourful background


Linear drawing based on geometry

As you can see i have taken inspiration from all sorts of places, and created all sorts just from small and simple ideas. Hopefully this will develop into something bigger and better! Good luck to anyone starting uni soon!


EmmaXx 🙂

Felt feelings work placement

So this summer I managed to get one final work placement with a wonderful lady called Clare Ashton, who runs a felt making business called felt feelings which is based in Todmorden.

Initially I was a bit unsure as to whether I would enjoy it or not as I am not much of a textile person! However I couldn’t have been more wrong, the processes and techniques involved with felt making were fascinating. I love the tactile nature of the whole process, having to know by touch when the felt is ready and finished. There is so much more to the textile than it seems, i must admit i had some pre-concieved notions of felt being a product to make weird hippy-ish products such as ill fitting hats or slippers, but it truly is amazing what is possible with this natural material.

Clare makes two types of felt, one is called Cobweb felt which is incredibly fine felt made of Wensleydale wool which has a curly nature to it leaving waves in the felt. (the wensleydale sheep shown below) This type of felt is used by Clare to make lamp shades, the delicate nature of the felt gives a wonderful glow to the shades and really brings the product to life.  (photo shown below)




Aswell as the Wensleydale wool clare also uses Shetland wool to create a standard felt, this is used mainly for book coverings as it is thicker and reasonably hard wearing.  Both types of felt get images drawn by clare screen printed onto them, the imagery used is mainly inspired by british wildlife and nature. The products themselves are incredibly beautiful and a lot of work goes into making each product as i found out!

Duirng my month with Clare i learnt a great deal, making sheets and sheets of felt, sweing book covers, printing, building light shades and even exhibiting at the Home and Gift show! It was an incredible opportunity for me and i am very greatful.  Heres some more pictures of my time with Clare!

IMG_3357 IMG_3347

Working with pre-felt (partially felted wool, done to a stage thats brings it together as a fabric but still has enough capacity for things to be done to it e.g. adding coloured fibres)

IMG_3303 IMG_3302

Making my own felt by hand which is tiring work!

IMG_3284 IMG_3283

Some examples of Clares other work- Felted soaps and felt garments


A needle felted Wensleydale sheep! How cute!!


Emma Xx 🙂